Creative Design Studio

Your brand custodians

The Studio is a multi-channel design team that specialises in creating on-brand digital and print marketing materials.

creative design studio

We give businesses the right look

We understand that preserving the integrity of the brand is at the heart of the design process, so we act as custodians for the brands we work with. We listen carefully and create design work that effectively communicates the personality of the brand, and which establishes a strong emotional connection between brand and customer.

Examples of our work

These case studies demonstrate how we find creative solutions for our clients' design challenges.


Rebrand & Collateral Design

Marram Community Trust


Brand Guideline Development

Neighbourhood Support


creative design studio

Here are a few reasons our clients love our design team at The Studio.

creative design studio

Guardians of your brand

Your logo and brand identity is back from the agency, and now you want your look consistently executed across everything from business cards to display banners.

creative design studio

Experienced designers

As designers, we're well qualified. Each of us has a university design degree and more than a decade's worth of industry experience, so you’re in good hands.
creative design studio

We understand print

We share a building with a thriving printing business, so creating design files that result in beautifully printed, colour-accurate corporate collateral is second nature.
creative design studio

Seamless design and print

Get your design and printing done with us. We ensure a smooth production process throughout - from the concept to artwork, print, and final delivery stages.
creative design studio

Convenient file archiving

We operate a robust file storage system that manages version control for all your digital assets. Get quick, accurate access to your files, whether current or historical.
creative design studio

Reaching digital realms

We create interactive digital products that give brands, projects, and campaigns an extra dimension of functionality and customer appeal.
creative design studio

Our creative graphic design services

Print design

If you need quality branded print designs, look no further.

No limits

If it can be printed, then we can design it – beautiful books, brochures, leaflets, flyers, business cards, corporate stationery, annual reports, application forms, newsletters, and magazines, to name a few.

We're flexible

We can design from an open brief, or if you've already got an idea how your products should look, supply us with the text and we’ll do the rest. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your design has the wow factor you’re seeking.

Friendly advice

We’ll be on hand to help you with any questions you might have, and provide expert advice about things like the best format to suit your purpose, as well as paper stock, and binding method.
creative design studio

Digital design

Deliver content to your customers for their convenience.

Mobile dominant

With more and more of your customers consuming content on mobiles, you’ll need to keep up with their preferences by making your communications ready for any device.

Platform ready

Our creative design team will work with you to design and deliver your print content on digital platforms, in the format that will reach your audience where and when they need it.

Digital conversion

Add extra convenience for your customers when they interact with your forms, event invites, and presentations by providing them with digital versions, right up to eFlipbooks. They'll thank you for it.


If you don’t have brand guidelines

Relax – we can help. We’ll guide you through the entire design process, from brief to delivery, and produce a high-quality, error-free finished product in a short timeframe.

creative design studio

See how we helped Neighbourhood Support NZ develop visual guidelines for their brand.

Find out more about brand stewardship and why it matters to your business.


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