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We are specialists in environmentally-friendly printing, design and mailing for schools, colleges and universities across New Zealand. Whether you need to print and mail your newsletters, annual yearbooks, prospectuses, marketing collateral, or design a learning tool for your students, we can help.

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Annual Yearbooks

Give your school yearbook the quality it deserves with our print and mailing service. We help you print and mail it to your audience, and can even design and digitise it for highly enriched user experience. Our digital publications include video, animation, is trackable and can be a valuable marketing tool to drive traffic to your website.

Prospectus Books

Your prospectus book needs to communicate the exciting range of education subjects and extra curricular activities your school can offer. It needs to look professional and highlight your unique aspects to attract the right audience. We can help you achieve this by offering affordable design and/or print services. 

Newsletters & Magazines

Keep in touch with your students with a regular newsletter. Or inform, educate and connect with your alumni with a magazine. Whether it's printed or emailed, or both, we'll help you produce a newsletter that reaches your audience and gets read. We can print and mail out your communications to your database.

Branded Stationery

We can design and print your business cards, letterheads, presentation folders, calendars, wall planners, branded pens and workbooks, we can do it all on brand and on time. 

Marketing Material

We help you ensure your brand identity looks sharp and professional when you go to market – Brand guidelines; Flyers & brochures for conferences; banners and flags for events; letterbox marketing campaigns; web and digital ads; and much more.

Learning Material Design

With our fully qualified and capable creative studio, we can design and produce learning material to help engage your students in the classroom. Whether it's on a screen or in printed format, or both, we design intelligently ensuring an optimised experience whichever the platform. 

What are the benefits of using City Print as your school's print partner?

pacific islands print supplier

1. Expertise, capabilities, and quality

We have expertise in meeting the needs of schools, colleges and universities based in New Zealand. You'll get a dedicated project manager, who will be there with you the whole way. We understand that quality matters and colours should print as intended. We have processes in place to ensure that your colours are reproduced accurately to your brand.

2. Qualified prepress & creative studio

Clients can have concerns about their file not printing as it should, or that their file hasn't been set up properly for printing.

Our experienced and qualified pre-press team will check your files and run “pre-flight” tests to ensure everything prints as it should. Often, we can fix any problems that might occur, and if we can’t, we'll advise on remedies.

pacific islands print supplier
pacific islands print supplier

3. Delivery and logistics

There can be stresses associated with the delivery of final products to the right place at the right time.

We've developed robust processes over the years supplying print for schools. You'll have access to a credible network of New Zealand-based international couriers: TNT, NZ Couriers, and DHL. Each have their unique strengths, and we'll source the right company for your needs.

Clients can also be concerned about the extra turnaround time that delivery adds,  so we've developed healthy working relationships with our network of international delivery suppliers – we'll help negotiate a reasonable timeframe to meet your deadlines.

4. Easy proofing process

Our robust and easy proofing / sign-off process involves an imposed PDF proof (soft proof) which is sent to you electronically. We also recommend getting a printed prototype so you can physically see and feel your product before approving.

Rest assured, we're always here to answer the phone and emails. Your project manager or our staff members will be able to respond to any questions you might have.

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Get all your graphic design, printing, and mail work done by City Print in seamless fashion at the same time, under one roof. We’d love to help you out. – Rachael Harris, Project Manager