Sustainable Printing

We’re a sustainable printing company

We follow sustainable printing practices. We believe that efficient, high-quality processes are good for our customers, good for business, and good for the environment.

Environmental principles are deeply embedded across our business, covering day-to-day activities such as our use of energy and water, and waste management, and our investment in green office equipment and manufacturing technologies.

In particular we have taken steps to minimise the environmental impact of our print activities, going beyond compliance as part of a commitment to industry leadership in green printing. We also require our suppliers to have environmentally sustainable operating practices.

How we act to reduce our environmental footprint

sustainable printing
We recycle paper and printing plates.

At City Print a wide range of materials are separated at their source for recycling or reuse, including aluminium printing plates and containers, cardboard, CDs, computers and monitors, glass, ink tins, magnesium blocks, paper, plastic containers and drink bottles, polythene packaging, steel drums, timber pallets, and toner cartridges, to name just a few.

We use soya vegetable based inks.

Traditional printing inks are mineral solvent based and contribute to ever-growing greenhouse gas emissions. Ninety-nine per cent of all inks used at City Print are vegetable based, with the key ingredients being soy and linseed oil, made from renewable sources.

eco-friendly printing
green printing
We offer certified and environmentally responsible papers.

City Print indents and uses Sumo offset, Sumo coated, Alpine Matt and New Silk coated approved papers. We only use environmentally responsible paper manufactured under Environmental Management System ISO 14001, using FSC Certified Mixed Source pulp from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. Forest certification ensures that wood used in paper production originates from sustainable, well-managed forests.

We use environmentally friendly mail wrap.

We offer a biodegradable plastic mail wrap that breaks down when exposed to heat, moisture or natural UV light (Bio-tuff Oxo degradable plastic). The by-products of the biodegradation process are carbon dioxide, water, and non-toxic biomass, therefore the wrap is considered to return to the environment in a friendly state.

sustainable printing
sustainable printing
Our printing technologies minimise the use of film, chemicals and paper waste.

We use a Computer to Plate (CTP) system in our commercial offset printing to eliminate the use of film and chemicals.

We monitor and take steps to reduce energy and water use.

City Print proactively reduces consumption throughout the whole operation and has undertaken many initiatives including the recording of all consumables.

sustainable printing
sustainable printing
We endeavour to use suppliers with strong environmental policies.

We are focused on continually assessing our products and processes to reduce our impact on the environment and meet or exceed our clients’ environmental aspirations.

We support the Toner Recycling Centre (TRC).

All our used toner cartridges are disposed and recycled using Ricoh’s Toner Cartridge Recycling Programme.

sustainable printing
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