Digital Asset Management

Uview, our secure, user-friendly online smart file management and archive system, keeps your valuable digital assets ready for when you need them.

Benefits of digital asset management

Producing graphic documents can be a major financial investment – so it makes good business sense to keep accurate records and copies in a well-organised central storage facility. In Uview, PDFs are viewable with all the relevant metadata. The digital files, all print quality, can be retrieved for output to online or offline media, from our private, secure archival system as and when you need them.

When you have a range of documents that many different people in your team or organisation need to order, you’ll find the ordering system within Uview convenient and easy to use. This could include anything from office stationery to brochures and manuals. We maintain the latest file of your products on the system so you can be sure you’re accessing the most up-to-date version.

Uview can also help speed up and smooth out the production of new documents. As an online system, it enables multiple users to collaborate wherever they are, meaning important jobs aren’t held up because someone’s out of the office. Documents and files are accessed via a secure, password-protected site, and because every user has a personal ID, the system can give you a handy report on who has made changes, and when.

Uview also has a state-of-the-art online proofing service for your documents, images and brand identity. This innovative service makes your job easier, and minimises the need for paper printouts. This benefits both you and the environment – producing less waste and keeping costs down.

Clinton Riley

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