Our proprietary online ordering management system, Stockview, puts you in complete control of your merchandise or printed documents.

Stockview’s user-friendly interface enables you to see at a glance what you have in stock, personalise your print, order new product or deliveries to any of your branches 24/7, and provides you with a high level of accountability by linking orders to specific cost-centres.

Having your physical assets securely stored in Stockview will limit your own storage requirements and enable you to manage stock using just your browser – it’s that easy.

The interface has flexible filtering and each uniquely coded item can display an image to assist identification, ensuring the correct stock is being ordered.

Access to Stockview requires a password and each user can be granted permissions which will control their access level.

Sales orders are dispatched on the same day, and Stockview’s dispatchers will use the most cost-effective delivery option, taking into account the urgency of the order.