Mail house Services


We provide comprehensive mail house services for transactional and direct mail/marketing products.

Direct mail marketing works, but in the past it was difficult to pin down exactly where and how it turns a prospect into a customer. Yesterday’s mass marketing campaigns were susceptible to mishandling, misunderstanding, and plain old mismanagement.

Now direct marketing is an art, refined through the use of new technology, new skills and new data management techniques that cater to everyone’s desire to be treated as an individual. We can deliver targeted messages with pinpoint accuracy, and do it transparently – you will know where, how and why your direct mail campaign works.

To get you the best postage rates we will compare your database file with NZ Post’s master address file of all valid addresses in New Zealand, adding postage codes where they are missing and correcting minor discrepancies. When over 85 percent of your file matches theirs, we’ll provide you with a Statement of Accuracy which entitles you to bulk mail discounts.

If you are contacting customers or members with letters, invoices, statements, newsletters or advertising material, transactional or direct mail we have the equipment and technical ability to data manage, print, fold, bind, envelope or filmwrap, and lodge with NZ Post, so you can concentrate on more important things.

  • Mail house Services – City Print
  • Mail house Services – City Print
  • Mail house Services – City Print

Some of our mailhouse products and services include:

Mailing campaigns
Teasers and flyers
Shrink wrapping
Personalised mail
Database management


Envelope inserting
Flow wrapping
Hand assembling packs
NZ Post lodgement
QR codes
Direct mail